How to Import Actinic Orders into MYOB Accounting

This solution uses One Stop Order Processing and MYOB Accounting

You can import your Actinic orders into MYOB Accounting as a series of Item Sales, into a selected account. All orders are imported as a single customer (InternetOrders) for a single product (Goods). The total invoice cost and VAT is split into the relevant accounts.

The following instructions explain how to set this up.

1 Import the MYOB.mev view from the installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\MoleEnd\1StopOrders\v9). Or download from here: To import a view into One Stop Order Processing click on the Select Columns button (at the bottom right of the main window). In the displayed Select Fields to Display dialog, in the Views area (at the top of the dialog) click on the Import button and enter the view to import (MYOB.mev) and click on the Import View button.

2 Click on the Export Orders button. This will display the Export orders details dialog, shown below.

Click on the Export orders button.

This will create a csv file in the root of drive C. You can change this location.

Start MYOB Accounting

4 Create an Income account called InternetSales, shown below:

5 Click on the Details tab and select the relevant VAT code.

6 Create a new customer called InternetOrders.

You only need to enter the Name.

7 Create a product called Goods.

You need to enter the name of the product as Goods and also tick I Sell This Item. Change the Income account to InternetSales.

8 Select the File->Import Data->Sales->Item Sales menu option.

9 Change the Import File Format to Comma-separated, shown below:

Click on Continue.

10 Select the file to import (in this example C:\MYOB.csv) and click on Open.

11 Click on Match All to map the fields, shown below:

Click on Import.

12 The orders should then be imported.